Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Janashri Kannada News Channel

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"Janashri" is a Kannada language language news channel based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Janasri was launched on 18 February 2011 by Reddy Brothers. This will be the fifth Kannada News channel.


  1. it is a nice channel it get news so early to us and it is a educative channel to
    may i know about jobjunction which showed how to make soft toy which was telcasted on 21/4/2011
    i like ur programme ann madam ann samchara i watch it daily

  2. Wishing all the best for the newly launched namma Kannada News channel Janashri...lets hope for an fair, frank, cosistent news alongwith some entertainments and not prejudiced shows...

    Mahaveera HS

  3. sir i wish to janshree go to no.1 post

  4. job junction program is very good

  5. Some of your news items are good, but please also stop telecasting news like love affairs of celebrities and other gossip news which does not do any good ( in a positive way) to the general public. Eg: the recent news about virat kohli's love affair or the one which says about Mallika sharavat's denial to wear bikini.
    We would be very obliged if you sensor and then telecast news.

  6. All program are good but some of the educative environment and energy saving program should be telecast which can give awareness in public how to save the energy like shortage of power--

  7. Wishing all the best for the newly launched namma Kannada News channel Janashri...
    i wish to janshree go to no.1 post

  8. sanju weds geeta program arranged by janshri tv channel its very nice program i enjoyed lot

  9. I liked this channel, none other channel covers the local news (bangalore) like janashri, i observed that the anchors use english too much in the news.. my request to use a good kannada while reading the news..

  10. this is the no 1 news channel in kannada. because all other news channels are corrupted channels. programmes are also very nice. i like it this is the no 1 news channel in kannada. because all other news channels are corrupted channels. programmes are also very nice. i like it

  11. how to join the janashree Kannada channel

  12. Hello SIr/Madam,

    I salute you for your excellent work done to change the society in all possible ways.

    I have a complaint to you....In Infantry road, Bangalore (Next to safina plaza)..there is a spine clinic called as non-invasive spine care and the name of the Doctor is Vinay Sarvotham. He is a fraud, he says that he has learnt some treatment from Singapore and charges Rs.10000 (ten thousand per week) for spine treatment..he does nothing during the treatment, its just a 2-3 minutes massage he does which is of no use to the spine at all...he is looting people...I request you to please take your hidden camera and go to him...he will first send you for a MRI scan..then, any MRI report he sees, he will say that the spine is very bad condition and he can get it alright without a surgery and charges 10000 per week, each person need atleast 3-4 of treatment...but no result at all...Please expose this so that poor people will not fall in his trap...he also has photos of VVIPs like Dr. Rajkumar, SM Krishna and others to attract people...

    Thanks a lot...

  13. i wish to Janshri kannada news channel.

    it will become no-1 Channel in Karnataka

    Request you please give clear report all karnataka people.

    Thanks & Regards

  14. Hi,

    I like to be a part of Janashree News channel as News reader.will please let me know how to proceed further.and I can do that

    waiting for your reply
    Thank you.

  15. my mail id :

  16. rajesh kumar.k i am looking for a job in janashree
    give me a chance i have 8yrs exp in photographer & videographer

  17. Hi wish from my heart that JANASHRI WILL bcm TOP-1 channel very soon

  18. Janasri channel is very nice channel and it was creating awareness among people and it was giving so many useful program like job junction, live news and about quiz etc all this are very useful to kind of generation i wish very success to this channel.

  19. Hello sir this is pradeep, first i would like to say thanks for janashree tv for the useful program "JOB JUNCTION" . Sir i request you to send me the website address of iisc new job oppening which we have to register online so plz do mail me the website address it'll be helpfull for me.

  20. please don't show any celebreties marriage be it kannada or any other language.. its a news channel remember...

  21. janshri channel i s a best channel in the Karnataka
    and at least weekly 3 times give me reports of job junction
    Its all Employees request


  22. hi all,

    can someone please share me the janashree news channel online link

  23. I am the fan of Janasri news Channel. The channel is going on very well.. All the best for all your success...
    A week ago when I was watching janasri news, in a technology program I saw about "How to fix the error in MS WORD.. Boxes appear instead of kannada text when typing.."
    When I was watching the solution, suddenly power gone...
    So I tried to find in Google about this error.. But was not successful..
    Me and 5 of my friends are also having the same problem..
    We tried to contact you through the phone but there was an error connection..
    So we decided to email you and had no other options..
    So kindly reply with your useful information in the type of text or video or any other format..

  24. janasri news channel is doing very good ..
    first time i watched programme on chandra grahan, it was good debate and very informative.

    Yesterday evening i was watching sand art and song, very intersting one. Thanks for giving wonderful programmes, hats off to you !!.. i wish you all the best

  25. Janashree is a very good channel among all kannada channels. It broadcasting good programmes which is necessary for todays life. I request you continue your good work by making programmes about freedom fighters, about our culture and our nation. Thank you for Janashree team.

  26. From the day BJP came to power in Karnataka, we have been seeing many attacks. First started by attacking the Christian Churches to this days' attack on the media ! I am scared whether the value of democracy is fading away. Who is behind all these ? Who is dividing the children of the same mother in the name of religion ? Who is spreading hatred ? Let the media peep into the religious gatherings of all fundamentalists whether they belong to green or Orange flag. Religions,instead of spreading love among the people are they having a secret agenda in their back office ? Why at all there requires any secret meeting ? Where are these attacks planned ? The real criminals might have a polite smile like Binladen had, when innocents are being attacked by their followers. We are in the darkest days of Karnataka now.

  27. janasree namma karnataka du antha heloke bhala kushi agthe.

  28. Dear Sir,

    I have a complaint about Karnataka power corporation , complaint is that nearly 25,000 people had taken exam of karnataka power corporation on 27th of November 2011 but still they dint anounced the result of it , its almost 3.5 moth is over still every one is waiting for that if anyone called to the board they are not responding well they are keep on postponing that every time they will tell us to wait more over they are not talking in good manner always shouting to the people who ever called so please take this issue and get us the justice. hope you will come up with new channel and this news becomes more popularity for your channel as well it becomes our life so please cross check with them and make the world to be proud to your channel.

  29. Dear sir,
    Janashree is a very good channel among all kannada channels, i like janashree deadline too much. the hunting is started, great best of luck for whole team.

  30. Hi....
    I See form several day your channel become the fan of nithyananda ,,, before u support this fellow just think once...we want good people for our society .. not fake swmay like him.... i am also a normal human being... please just stop support to this fake swmay...
    Thank u
    Uday Gowda

  31. janashree is one of the best news channel..........

  32. Hello Concerned,

    Please note that we are Ttata Sky subscribers and we do not have Janasri news channel as part of tata sky. hence i request you to take it to the right person and make janasri kannada news channel as part of Tata Sky.

    Best regards,
    Ajay P.

  33. Can i Know Why Stopped Advertisements Job junction On Every Sunday Kindly Advertise job junction in Every Sunday Please,.................

  34. Can any one give me Guruji name and contact number telecasted in achari program.He got power to remove negative energy and remove egative Spirits.This program telecasted 1 and half month back monday and tuesday 10-10.30 pm.Please give me his name and number if any one have.

  35. I rely felt bad today that in live programe about mangalore incident in this they spoke about culture know one knows about the culture simly they are speaking it hurts if you give chancs I want tell about dk culture

  36. The "Belagina Belaku" program is fantastic !!!.
    I'm really happy about this program, I personally feel that these kind of programs are absolutely necessary for us to know about our mythology.
    I always make sure to see this program.
    The anchor (story teller) keeps it interesting all the time.
    Thanks to Janasri for providing such kind of programs.
    God bless!!!

  37. I have lodged a complaint regarding tresspass and theft by breaking open the lock to Raja rajesswari nagar Police on 17-10-2013 on noticing the incident and the Police have become reluctant to take the complaint and issue an acknowledgement also leave alone taking any action against the culprits who are the sisters of mine. There was also a complaint lodged earlier to the said police for the atrocities metted out by my sisters by disconnecting the power supply and also for removing the board fixed before my office and the police have only issued an endorsement to maintain law and order and advised them not to resort to illegal activities. The inspector who has come recently has been spoken to at the time of lodging the complaint, but the ASI one Venkatachalaiah has been persistantly advising me that the sisters are the owners of my father's property and the like. This is the status of affairs for the tresspass and the theft complaint which has been given to the police against the culprits be it my sisters or otherwise.

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